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Reimer Köster
June 2023

Visit from Tongji Medical College PhD students

In an internationalization program the Cardio-Pulmonary Institute has just established a Sino-German laboratory for CardioPulmonary Research at Tongji Medical College. The laboratory is headed by Prof. Dr. Ingrid Fleming and Prof. Dr. Jiong Hu and aims to bundle expertise on this topic at the different sites and facilitate the exchange of students and personnel. As part of this exchange Prof. Hu spends part of his time in Frankfurt and is one of the PIs in SFB1531. At the start of June Prof. Fleming was awarded the title of “Advisory Professor” at Tongji Medical College and will spend time in Wuhan each year working on research as well as teaching.

Prof. Dr. Ingrid Fleming with Prof. You Zheng, President of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, at the official appointment as “Advisory Professor” at Tongji Medical College in Wuhan.

Prof. Dr. Ingrid Fleming presents the CPI for the Chinese delegation at the Niederrad campus.

The visit of a delegation of 32 excellent doctoral students from China to the university hospital was also particularly valuable for the intercultural dialogue and cooperation in science. As part of the trip, the German Research Foundation (DFG) organized a visit to excellent science locations in Germany, including the CPI. Under the direction of Prof. Dr. Ingrid Fleming, scientists from the CPI presented our research and methods to the visitors in lectures and laboratory tours. This resulted in many lively discussions and both sides were enthusiastic about the opportunity to make personal contacts and to promote potential cooperation in this way.



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