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Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI)

CPI scientists are highly diverse in terms of age, gender, religion, ethnic origin, sexual identity, culture, health status and family situation. This diversity comes with different points of view and is one reason for our scientific success. Currently more than 30 nationalities are represented within the consortium of CPI researchers, technicians and administrative staff, and 57% are female. We are proud that the CPI is led by two women, who will act as role models for the next generation of scientists.

Female careers at CPI

The CPI by actively promotes equality within CPI at all career levels. Female scientists have taken on leadership roles within the CPI as designated speakers, steering committee members, and leaders of the Discovery Areas and Translational Hubs. 41% of our Core Faculty members, 56% of our Post-doctoral fellows and 58% of our PhD candidates are women.

Maintaining and increasing CPI diversity requires dedicated recruitment strategies and specific support measures to prevent the loss of valuable human resources at transition between career levels.

Our measures

Measures by the participating universities/institutions

Both universities have developed gender, equality and diversity plans; at JLU this is described in the Gender and Equality Concept v3.0 (Frauenförderung, Familiengerechtigkeit & Diversität 2024-2034), and at GU the Central Gender Equality & Diversity Action Plan 2019-2024 outlines over 150 measures coordinated by the Equal Opportunities Office.

Administered by the Equal Opportunities Office (Website)

  • FlexiKids (Website)
    For staff and enrolled doctoral candidates at Goethe University Frankfurt with children aged 0 to 14 years (children with special needs aged 0 to 25 years). The purpose of the fund is to offer parents flexible childcare at off-peak times when regular childcare is not available during essential work-related commitments, e.g. laboratory work in the evening or events at the weekend.
  • Dual Career Service (Website)
    The Dual Career Service Frankfurt supports the partners of new employees in all aspects of their own career prospects in the Rhine-Main region.
  • Mentoring (Website)
    The federal-state initiative “Mentoring Hessen” supports young scientists by providing mentoring programs devoted to female scientists.
  • Anti-Discrimination (Website)
    Goethe University’s Anti-Discrimination Office is the central contact point for students, staff and other university members and affiliates who experience or notice discrimination or who have questions or need support regarding (anti-)discrimination.
  • Careers without barriers (Website)
    Goethe University is committed to the equal participation of people with and without health impairments (physical or mental illness, disability) and has set out to become an inclusive university.
  • Central Women´s and Equal Opportunities Officer (Website)
    The central Women's and Equal Opportunities Officer is the contact person for confidential advice for individuals and women in particular. The protection against discrimination, support in cases of conflict and the promotion, strengthening and safeguarding of the autonomy of each and every individual is a central task of this office.
  • Studying with family (Website)
    JLU supports the compatibility of studies and family and has created a range of offers, measures and special regulations as well as individual counseling options for students with children/family care responsibilities.
  • Studying with a disability / chronic illness (Website)
    If you have a chronic illness or disability(ies), studying is subject to special conditions, to which Justus Liebig University Giessen attaches great importance. Here we present a range of options for obtaining information and advice.

Specific CPI measures

Family friendly lab organisation: The CPI “lab-support program” provides additional technical personnel to take over routine lab work for young parents.

Child care possibilities: We support parents of young children (female and male) by reserving funds to provide child care during all CPI events.

Work location & home office options: We will ensure that our scientific and social events are inclusive and take place at family-friendly times of day. The CPI “lab-support program” provides funds for the establishment of home-office opportunities.

Mentoring for females: The CPI offers workshops and 1:1 coaching for female scientists. Mentoring is ensured by several programs at the university and our students and Postdocs are mentored, inspired and motivated by the high number of female leaders within the CPI.

Online meetings: All CPI seminars are hybrid. Home office equipment for parents is funded by the CPI “lab-support program”.

Barrier-free access to digital information: The CPI website was created accessible and barrier-free (more information can be found on this page).

For further information, please contact our Equity & Diversity Support: diversity@cpi-online.de

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