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CPI Academy Grants

To support young scientists in their career, the CPI offers three different grants:

Postdoc Grants (6 awards). Funding includes salary costs for 2 years, project costs (consumables) will have to be covered by the employer.
Eligibility: up to two years after receiving the MD/PhD degree. (+ 12 month/kid for maternal maternal/paternal leave).

Start-up Grants (6 awards). Funding of up to 80.000 € per year for 2 years, funds can be used for personnel as well as consumables and should facilitate becoming more independent and enabling the recipient to qualify for high-class third party funding.
Eligibility: up to 5 years after completion of an MD/PhD program. (+ 12 month/kid for maternal maternal/paternal leave).

Advanced Grants (3 awards). Funding of up to 120.000 € per year for 3 years. Here, the aim is to support and enable outstanding scientists, who already have at least one extramurally funded grant, during the preparation phase for high volume/high risk application to more advanced national and international grant funding programs (e.g. Emmy Noether Program from the DFG, and Start-Up/Consolidator grants from the ERC).
Eligibility: up to 7 years after completion of MD/PhD program, independent peer-reviewed extramural funding. (+ 12 month/kid for maternal maternal/paternal leave).

Congratulations to the following CPI Academy members who successfully applied for the funding in the last calls:

Grants 2024

Postdoc Grants

Silke Kreher | MPI: The janus faces of ribonucleases: RNAse activity and inhibition in the cardiovascular and pulmonary system
Margaux Lecacheur | MPI: Characterizing the interplay between the circadian clock and NAD+ metabolism in human cardiac aging
Marius Külp | GU: Pathomechanisms of synonymous DNMT3A mutations driving clonal hematopoiesis in the context of heart failure
James Oo | GU: Pathomechanisms of synonymous DNMT3A mutations driving clonal hematopoiesis in the context of heart failure
Stefan Hadzic | JLU: Nitrosative/oxidative stress and impaired FGF10 signalling in COPD: Unveiling the intricate relationship
Annika Karger | GI: Macrophage-specific MRPL35: An emerging immune modulator in lung cancer assocated pulmonary hypertension (LC-PH)

Startup Grants

Dong Ding | MPI: Characterization and manipulation of potentially proliferative cardiomyocytes for heart regeneration
Mridula Balakrishnan | MPI: Understanding the dynamic behaviour of sympathetic axons during zebrafish cardiac regeneration
Elvin Leonard Vincent Paul | GU: Role of Slc45a4 in endothelial cell biology and autophagy
Julian Leberzammer-Deuster | GU: Targeting myeloid cell signalling in heart failure with preserved ejection fraction
Nuray Bögörcü-Seidel | JLU: Deciphering metabolic dependencies and immune interactions in lung cancer: A step towards innovative therapeutic strategies targeting the immune microenvironment within the lung
Dharmesh Hirani | JLU: Novel ligand-guided nano-carrier delivery of mmRNA-Klf4: a cell- specific therapeutic strategy for lung fibrosis across ages

Grants 2022

Postdoc Grants

Simone Glaser | GU: Analysis of vascular adaptation in human cardiac hypertrophy: role of dysregulated arteriovenous malformation-associated genes
Julian Wagner | GU: Role of VEGF-B in left ventricular denervation of the aging heart
Poonam Sarode | JLU: Macrophage-specific FOSL2: An emerging immune modulator in cardiopulmonary diseases
Negah Ahmadvand | JLU: Characterization of a newly identified alveolar epithelial type 2 (AT2) sub-population expressing the surface marker PD-L1 and expanded following pneumonectomy (PNX) and identification of corresponding human cells in the lungs of normal or diseased lungs
Claudio Nardiello | JLU: The impact of neonatal hyperoxia on iNOS signaling and consequences in adulthood
Swathi Veeroju | JLU: mRNA vaccine as a novel treatment approach for pulmonary hypertension
Lei Wang | MPI: Precision is key: Enhanced genetic cell lineage tracing and manipulation in the cardiovascular system by using dual recombinases

Startup Grants

Silvia Mas-Peiro | GU: Antiinflammatory effects of dapagliflozin in patients carrying CHIP-driver mutations and heart failure (HFrEF) after aortic valve implantation (TAVI) for severe aortic stenosis
Prakash Chelladurai | JLU: Profiling age-dependent temporal dynamics of the chromatin regulatory landscape in vascular remodeling using single-cell multi-omics
Chi-Chung Wu | MPI: Role of E2F8 in cardiomyocyte polyploidization and cardiac regeneration
Zhen Jiang | MPI: Utilizing the CRISPR/RfxCas13d system to investigate transcriptional adaptation and genetic compensation in vertebrates

Grants 2020

Postdoc Grants

Nuray Bögürcü-Seidel | JLU: The metabolic control of primary lung cancer and metastatic growth by the lung microenvironment
Marco Castro | MPI: Regulation of vascular specialization by endothelial TET enzymes
Dong Ding | MPI: Unravelling the role of DNA (de)methylation in postnatal heart development and regeneration Silvia Mas Peiro | GU: Clonal hematopoiesis of indeterminate potential (CHIP) in patients with severe aortic stenosis undergoing transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR)
Tim Schneider | JLU: Development and application of antisense-based designer circRNAs for cardiovascular gene regulation
Kosta Theodorou | GU: Aging-induced mitochondrial reprogramming by long non-coding RNA MIRIAL

Startup Grants

Mario Boehm | JLU: Delineating the mechanisms that govern right ventricular recovery from pressure overload
Michele Collins | MPI: Exploring the contribution of endolysosomal calcium signaling to excitation-coupling in cardiomyocytes
Sebastian Cremer | GU: Control of Inflammation by lncRNAs in heart failure with preserved ejection fraction
Oleg Pak | JLU: The fetal-maternal interface and epigenetic programming in pulmonary circulation and in right ventricle
Rashmi Priya| MPI: Mechanical control of ventricular chamber development
Ting Zhang | MPI: Interplay of metabolic and epigenetic mechanisms for regulation of heart regeneration and cardiac remodelling

Advanced Grants

Nuno Camboa | GU: Transcriptional mechanisms driving pathological activation of cardiac fibroblasts
Jiong Hu | GU: Role of the cytochrome P450 (CYP)/soluble epoxide hydrolase (sEH) pathway in acyl-CoA generation and fate: implications for cardiomyocyte function
Natascha Sommer | JLU: The role of mitochondria in COPD and lung aging

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