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Reimer Köster
February 2024

Justus’ Childrens University on February,13th

30 bathtubs full of blood – the young participants at the children’s university at JLU Giessen were amazed at the amount of blood that the heart pumps through the body every day.

The physician and heart specialist Prof. Dr. Birgit Aßmus explained the vital cooperation of the heart and lungs to the interested 8-12 year olds on Tuesday, February 13th. In order to ensure that our body is optimally supplied, these two must work well together.

Prof. Dr. Birgit Aßmus, together with many other scientists at the Cluster of Excellence Cardio-Pulmonary Institute (CPI) in Giessen, Bad Nauheim and Frankfurt am Main, is researching how the heart and lungs together optimally supply the body and how the organs in the body coordinate with each other. She holds the professorship for cardiology care research at JLU.

Read more: https://www.giessener-anzeiger.de/stadt-giessen/herz-und-lunge-thema-in-kinderuni-92833414.html

Official information: https://www.uni-giessen.de/de/ueber-uns/kinderuni

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