Logo of the Cardio Pulmonary Institute (CPI)
Reimer Köster
November 2023

Citizen Event: Experience Heart- and Lung research at the CPI

Ralf Brandes and participants. Picture: Uwe Dettmar

The Cardio-Pulmonary Institute recently opened its doors to provide a captivating glimpse into the world of cardiovascular research. As part of the GU Bürgeruni initiative, interested citizens were invited to the Institute for Cardiovascular Physiology led by Prof. Ralf Brandes on November 9th. The goal was to introduce the Cardio-Pulmonary Institute and immerse participants in hands-on exploration of their own cardiovascular systems.

The evening began with an inspiring presentation by Dr. Guillermo Luxàn, offering insights into daily research life, ongoing projects, and emphasizing the significance of heart and lung research, given their status as leading global causes of mortality. Drawing parallels between cells and factories, he explained the potential devastating consequences of missing or faulty proteins.

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