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IMPORTANT: If you cannot attend, please unregister 48 hours prior to the event - you will be blacklisted if you do not attend a workshop for which you have registered! The workshops are exclusive to CPI Academy members.

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Please register online for the workshops on the corresponding workshop page.

IMPORTANT: If you cannot attend, please unregister 48 hours prior to the event - you will be blacklisted if you do not attend a workshop for which you have registered! The workshops are exclusive to CPI Academy members.

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Claudia Koch.

Film your science

Description Do you want to learn to communicate your science visually without spending excessive time or money? In this workshop, you’ll learn to make appealing short films about your research with equipment as simple as your smartphone. We will teach you everything necessary to make good and useful footage for your own video in half […]

Introduction to quality management systems (QMS)

Description In many companies, quality management knowledge is expected of graduates from the life sciences, but is rarely taught at universities. For this reason, this course offers an introduction to the various quality management systems (QMS) and industry-associated processes. The aim is to understand job advertisements’ requirements and keywords and better assess possible future professional […]

The academic track

Description Are you dreaming of becoming a professor one day? Or, are you just not sure yet if this is the ‘right’ career path for you? Then this online workshop is the perfect way to find out more about the academic track, what universities are looking for, and how to plan your career strategically.   […]

Convincing and debating

Description Scientists are often in a situation where they need to discuss their findings or their need for extra funding or resources with other members of the scientific community or with the gen-eral public. Therefore, the ability to express yourself concisely and clearly, using strong ar-guments, is of utmost importance. This interactive seminar with real-life […]

Adobe Illustrator Essentials

The course is for beginner and will give an insight into the most important functions of Illustrator to create scientific illustrations: Program application areas, desktop, profile, drawing areas, navigation, views and auxiliary functions such as auxiliary lines, preferences and shortcuts as well as information and exercises on object creation, editing, and organization. There will be […]

Graduated and now? – A look at career options

Description You have just finished your science degree or will do so in the near future? What could come next and how to prepare for this big step in your career? In this talk, we´ll look at the (alternative) career options that young scientists have once they have graduated. How can you learn about these […]

Conflict Management | In House Workshop

Haus 25B, R31 Theodor-Stern-Kai 7, Frankfurt, Deutschland

Description Conflicts are the moment of truth of any (working) relationship: scarce goods are redistributed, interests are clarified, and people can act as good colleagues or egomaniac tinpot dictators. When setting up our environment so that problems can come to the surface without leading to toxic conflicts, you’re on a good track to establishing healthy […]

Time and Career Management | Webinar


Description Every week has 7 days, 168 hours or 10080 minutes… a lot of time to do a lot of things! Still, many of us suffer from the feeling of always having too little of it. You might not think about how you want to spend it and how to distribute it between your career, […]

Scientific Image Editing and Figure Creation | Workshop


Detailed workinar content overview: Proper editing of scientific images for publications and good scientific image handling practice Understanding all aspects of digital images (e.g. file formats, metadata, bit depth, histogram,…) Proper merging of fluorescent channels and use of pseudo-colors and calibration bars Proper application of 2D projections from 3D data Optional: short glance on 3D […]

Think statistics! with R | Online Workshop


The main aim of this course is to teach how to approach data analysis problems with classical statistics. We focus on the intuition behind statistical methodologies rather than on "how to run a t-test with R" (which we will also learn, by the way).   Topics: - Sampling theory: obtaining information about a population via […]

Goodbye academia? It has been a pleasure. | Webinar Series


Description Have you enjoyed research and teaching in the past years, but now you think it is time to change? Or you are just fed up, but are aware that frustration alone will not lead to a smooth transition out of academia. Maybe you are not sure yet whether to stay in academia or not, […]

Image Analysis Automation with ImageJ Macro Scripting | Workshop


Detailed workinar content overview: Basic ImageJ macro recording of a general image analysis pipeline Basics about variables and macro command and how to use them Looping over image files, table data, ROIs Interaction between user and macro Automatic customized measurements Creating and interacting with customized tables Automatically creating folders and flexibly saving all data as […]