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Our annual CPI retreat is just around the corner! Get ready for an inspiring getaway filled with interesting talks.

The registration ends on the 30th of June 2024.

Anmeldung Retreat 2024


CPI Prof. Dr. Natascha Sommer delivered an incredible senior lecture at the Justus-Liebig-University Gießen! She shared powerful insights on Post-COVID Syndrome from her experience leading the Post-COVID outpatient clinic of the university clinic Gießen. Her work offers hope for patients through innovative treatments and therapies.

A recording of her lecture is available on the website of the JLU:


Congratulations to Prof. Werner Seeger for receiving the prestigious Grover award at the American Thoracic Society Meeting 2024 in San Diego, honoring his exceptional contributions to the field of pulmonary circulation.

Special thanks goes to CPI Prof. Eike Nagel and his team for an impressive evening at the Bürgeruni Goethe-Universität Frankfurt, where he showed exciting insights how CPI researchers use artificial intelligence #AI to revolutionize cardiovascular imaging. The very enthusiastic attendees were introduced to modern methods of #MRI Imaging, #ECG and novel AI data analysis. We thank everyone who attened and Prof. Nagel and colleagues for a great event!

We thank CPI cardiologist Dr. Lena Marie Seegers for the inspiring talk and great evening at "Wissen angezapft" as part of the Bürgeruni Frankfurt last week!

We are delighted to congratulate Prof. Marcel Schulz, who is now taking up the professorship for Artificial Intelligence in Genome Research at Goethe University Frankfurt. His expertise in this field has also advanced our research at the Cardio-Pulmonary Institute in recent years. We are happy to count him among our faculty members.

Prof. Bernhard Brüne, Vice President of Goethe University for Research, Young Investigators and Transfer, is also happy about the success of Marcel Schulz’s appointment: “We strongly support his plan to bring together and further develop bioinformatics expertise at the Frankfurt site and to make important contributions to the success of our Cluster of Excellence Cardiopulmonary Institute (CPI).”

Read more: https://aktuelles.uni-frankfurt.de/forschung/genomforschung-mit-kuenstlicher-intelligenz-neue-professur-an-der-goethe-universitaet/

30 bathtubs full of blood – the young participants at the children’s university at JLU Giessen were amazed at the amount of blood that the heart pumps through the body every day.

The physician and heart specialist Prof. Dr. Birgit Aßmus explained the vital cooperation of the heart and lungs to the interested 8-12 year olds on Tuesday, February 13th. In order to ensure that our body is optimally supplied, these two must work well together.

Prof. Dr. Birgit Aßmus, together with many other scientists at the Cluster of Excellence Cardio-Pulmonary Institute (CPI) in Giessen, Bad Nauheim and Frankfurt am Main, is researching how the heart and lungs together optimally supply the body and how the organs in the body coordinate with each other. She holds the professorship for cardiology care research at JLU.

Read more: https://www.giessener-anzeiger.de/stadt-giessen/herz-und-lunge-thema-in-kinderuni-92833414.html

Official information: https://www.uni-giessen.de/de/ueber-uns/kinderuni

Women are in the spotlight, both in science at WomenInScienceDay and in medicine for heart health GoRedforWomen. Also at the cutting edge: the CPI with cardiologist Dr. Lena Seegers, who heads the first university women’s heart health center in Germany.

From woman to woman – Ms. Seegers has dedicated herself to women’s heart health. She emphasizes that women die significantly more often than men after a heart attack, which is still the most common cause of death among women worldwide. At the Women’s Heart Center, Ms. Seegers focuses on the multifactorial reasons for this. Her specific offer for patients: During a screening, women can find out about their individual risk of heart disease, which can also be gynecological. The aim is also to explain explicitly female symptoms, which may differ from those of men. Such training courses are also offered for doctors, who sometimes fail to recognize an acute heart attack in a woman. There is often a lack of awareness of the different pathogenesis and symptom development. The fact that research has so far mainly been carried out on male test subjects and that female pathomechanisms have not yet been fully researched also plays a role here. Ms. Seegers would also like to work closely with nephrologists and gynaecologists on an interdisciplinary basis. With this multimodal approach, Ms. Seegers and her team are working together to improve women’s heart health.

Frauenpower mit Herz am CPI

Frauen stehen im Fokus, sowohl in der Wissenschaft beim WomenInScienceDay als auch in der Medizin für Herzgesundheit GoRedforWomen. Auch am Puls der Zeit: Das CPI mit Kardiologin Dr. Lena Seegers, die das erste universitäre Frauenherzzentrum in Deutschland leitet.

Von Frau zu Frau – Frau Seegers hat sich der weiblichen Herzgesundheit verschrieben. Sie betont, dass Frauen deutlich häufiger als Männer nach einem Herzinfarkt sterben, der nach wie vor die häufigste Todesursache bei Frauen weltweit ist. Im Frauenherzzentrum widmet sich Frau Seegers den multifaktoriellen Gründen dafür. Ihr konkretes Angebot für Patienten: Bei einem Screening kann frau sich über ihr individuelles Risiko für eine Herzerkrankung, das auch gynäkologisch bedingt sein kann, aufklären lassen. Dabei soll zudem über explizit weibliche Symptome informiert werden, die sich von denen der Männer unterscheiden können. Solche Schulungsangebote richten sich auch an ÄrztInnen, die mitunter einen akuten Herzinfarkt einer Frau verkennen. Häufig fehlt das Bewusstsein für die unterschiedliche Pathogenese und Symptomentwicklung. Dabei spielt auch eine Rolle, dass bislang hauptsächlich an männlichen Probanden geforscht wurde und weibliche Pathomechanismen noch nicht komplett erforscht sind. Frau Seegers möchte sich hier auch interdisziplinär eng mit Nephrologen und Gynäkologen vernetzen. Mit diesem multimodalen Ansatz arbeitet Frau Seegers gemeinsam mit Ihrem Team daran, die Herzgesundheit von Frauen zu verbessern.

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